PEST CONTROL - Frequently asked questions...

Needing pest control but not sure about something? Check our FAQ's for your answer. If you would like to speak with one of our friendly staff - please call 07) 4992 6552

Do I need to be home during an appointment?

It's in your best interest to be home during a scheduled appointment with our company, so that our technician can outline the service being performed and offer information on gaining the most benefit from the treatment. If there are any concerns regarding the service to be performed, these can be discussed. Your service can still be performed even if you cannot be home for the appointment, but if this is the case, please advise our office staff and let us know whether a spare key has been left available or if we need to collect a key from a real estate office / neighbour etc.


Any special preparations before a pest control treatment?

  • Remove food sitting on countertops and remove/cover dishes left on sink.

  • Pet food & water bowls should be removed during the service to prevent the possibility of contamination.

  • Bird / Fish / Reptile enclosures and cages should be well covered during a pest treatment.

  • Dogs & Cats should be contained whilst spray treatment is in progress.


How can I pay for my service visit?

Payment can be made at the appointment, using cash, cheque or credit card. Our CQ Propest Technicians will issue you with an receipt outlining the service performed, chemicals used, and the price for our services. If you prefer to pay with a bank transfer - we can provide banking details with our invoice. Our trading terms are STRICTLY 7 DAYS. Please see our Terms of Trade document (attached below) which outlines our payment terms and conditions & our debt collection policy.





I work Monday to Friday - Do you offer weekend appointments?

Yes we do. Our technicians are available for all manner of pest control & home services, however we strongly suggest contacting our admin team as weekend appointments are limited. Scheduling a weekend appointment allows you an opportunity to meet with our technician, discuss the needs of your home and have the work completed - all without having to squeeze in everything during your lunch-break.


* Public Holiday trading may differ - please contact our Head Office team for further information.


Help! There's a snake in my house... Can you help me?

​Discovered a snake in your home or gardens? Call CQ Propest - our wildlife relocation technicians are skilled in capturing and relocating native wildlife. Day or night, we are available to help. *


* Please be aware that a 'call-out' fee applies for wildlife relocations



How long has your business been operating?

CQ Propest has been operating for over 15 years and we like to believe that each year our service level continues to strengthen.



Is your company licensed and insured?

Our company and all of its employees are covered by professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Our staff are fully trained and hold current QLD Health permits and are covered by Workcover QLD and QBCC. Those engaging in wildlife relocations report to the Department of Environment & Science (DES) and follow their guidelines & practices.


I'm vacating my rental property - what services should I schedule?

Most Real Estate agents will require tenants to perform some form of pest control when they are vacating a rental property. You may need a General Pest control treatment (for cockroaches, ants, webbing spiders and silverfish) or a Flea treatment (if you have had pets) Some agents may ask for both. If you are unsure, please check with your property manager so that we can offer the right service to you.


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